Under the Sea – IMAX 720p HD Documentary

Imagine a world of incredible color and beauty. Of crabs wearing  jellyfish for hats. Of fish disguised as frogs, stones and shag carpets. Of a kaleidoscope of life dancing and weaving, floating and… Continue reading

Born To Be Wild – IMAX 720p HD Documentary

Born to be Wild  is an inspired story of love, dedication and the remarkable bond between humans and animals. This film documents orphaned orangutans and elephants and the extraordinary people who rescue and… Continue reading

Wolves – IMAX 720p HD Documentary

Though the antagonist in many a legend, wild canines such as wolves and coyotes are among the least understood mammals in North America today. With the help of the National Wildlife Federation, IMAX… Continue reading

Search For The Great Sharks – IMAX 1080p HD Documentary

Search For The Great Sharks takes you on a round-the-globe expedition to reveal some of the world’s largest sharks and to witness them at close range. From the coast of California to the… Continue reading

Journey Into Amazing Caves – IMAX 720p HD Documentary

Journey into Amazing Caves centers around the work of “cavers” Nancy Aulenbach and Dr. Hazel Barton. Aulenbach is a teacher from Georgia, and Barton, a microbiologist from England. During the course of the… Continue reading

The Greatest Places – IMAX 720p HD Documentary

Seven of the world’s most geographically incredible locations come to life on your screen. A team of expert photographers and sound recordists shine light on the scenery and wildlife of the mighty Amazon… Continue reading

The Living Sea – IMAX 720p HD Documentary

The Living Sea is a film exploring marine locales intended to show the importance of protecting the ocean. This IMAX production takes you to the world’s oceans, traveling to Palau, Hawaii, California, Oregon,… Continue reading

Ocean Oasis – IMAX 1080p HD Documentary

What powerful geologic forces collided to carve out this unique region? What drives the strong currents that make this ocean so unusually rich in nutrients? How does life thrive in a seemingly barren… Continue reading

Ocean Wonderland – IMAX 720p HD Documentary

This visually stunning documentary takes you on a tour of undersea wonders from the Bahamas to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. In addition to close brushes with schools of fish, turtles, Eagle Rays and… Continue reading

India: Kingdom of the Tiger – IMAX 720p HD Documentary

No animal is considered more sacred to the people of India than the Bengal Tiger. To them it is a majestic animal that possesses eloquent power while harboring the spirit of India deep… Continue reading

Dolphins – IMAX 1080p HD Documentary

Plunge into the realm of wild dolphins in this great underwater adventure film by MacGillivray Freeman Films. In Dolphins, you’ll experience the warm, white sandbanks of the Bahamas and the wind-swept seas of… Continue reading

The Alps – IMAX 1080p HD Documentary

MacGillivray Freeman Films presents THE ALPS. Filled with majestic views of Switzerland’s natural beauty, THE ALPS follows the true life story of mountaineer and journalist John Harlin III, who sets out on an… Continue reading